News and Announcements

We now carry some awesome products from Meri Meri -- Tattoos, birthday cards and barrettes!

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Attention Sellers

Please remember: You must make an appointment prior to bringing in your items. This is our busy time of year, so the first available time slot may be one or two weeks in the future.

  • We're now buying summer items. Fall buying starts in July! Look through your closet for some cute things, then call to make an appointment.

  • Please make sure clothes have been recently washed and neatly folded. If they've been sitting in your closet for more than a week or two, please re-wash them prior to bringing them into the store.

  • To make the buying process go faster, please button all buttons, zip all zippers and loosen all elastic waistbands. Thank you!

  • Please clean shoes thoroughly (including the soles). Most can be thrown in the washing machine - just don't put them in the dryer.

  • We update our selling policies from time to time. Even if you're an experienced seller, please review the information on the Sellers page carefully.

Our focus is on clothing and shoes, but sometimes we get some other neat items in the store... here's a sample!

Meet the Owner

Juli Parlan worked in the store for many years before taking over ownership on January 1, 2016.

Juli loves the local community and is thrilled to be a part of it! The Stone Soup clientele is fantastic and Juli enjoys connecting with repeat customers as well as new ones.

Stop by the store soon to meet Juli -- you'll almost sure to find her there, especially during mornings and early afternoons.